Saturday, August 20, 2011


The recent news of the UFC going to network television is gigantic. We now get to see the world's biggest MMA company make its way to it's largest stage yet. It's been the number one tv network in the past eight or so years and joining such big organizations as the NFL, MLB, and NASCAR, it's safe to say the UFC is finally being taken seriously as a professional company and MMA as a sport as a whole. They're now going to have pre and post fight shows for every single UFC event along with a change to TUF, which is now moving to FX and will be airing the fights live as apposed to a edited version. This could mean that they can crank out more seasons of it per year because instead of waiting a while to watch the whole season after it's been done filming we'll get to see it as it's happening. The first live event will be in November and will feature a 2 fight main card with pay per view level talent. The event will last an hour. It is unclear weather this will be the new format for FOX or if they'll expand the main card. My guess is it all depends on how well their first couple of shows go and they'll work it out from there. The UFC had also said that the gladiator intro will be gone and they're going to have a new look to the whole event. Personally I liked the intro but who knows the new one might be even better. We'll all have to tune in to see how the first event goes which I personally am pumped for!!

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  1. Really hoping the card in november will be guida vs. bendo